Scouting In London Ambassadors.

Jack Petchey and Terry Chimes were nominated as ambassadors to Scouting in London at the Adult Appreciation ceremony 2008. Their continued support is very much appreciated by all those who are involved in Scouting in the region.

Jack Petchey was born in 1925 and brought up in the East End of London with few luxuries. At 14, he left school to work in an office for twelve shillings and six pence (62.5p) a week. After the war he set up his own car hire business, which developed into car sales and by 1959 he was selling nearly 20 cars a week and had 40 hire cars on the road.

By 1969 Jack Petchey had branched out into property development and through this became a leading entrepreneur and one of the most successful businessmen in Britain.

He is still actively involved in many businesses and charitable enterprises.The Jack Petchey Foundation was formed in 1999 and since then over £42 million has been given to youth programmes

Terry Chimes started out as a musician. He was a founder member of The Clash, later playing with Billy Idol, Black Sabbath and many others. In 2003 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

After 15 years he left the music business to pursue a career in alternative medicine and became a doctor of chiropractic and also an acupuncturist. He has studied in the UK, with a spell of clinical practice in Nanjing, China and developed a chain of chiropractic clinics, perhaps the most successful in Europe. Terry then turned his hand to training others in how to be successful.

He currently runs Europe’s largest consulting business in alternative medicine, lecturing and leading seminars all over Europe and the USA on success and how to become one. Terry is actively involved in charity work and is chairman of the board for the YMCA of East London.


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