London Scout Leader Elected to World Scout Commitee.

John May has become the first UK Scout elected to the World Scout Committee for over ten years.

Results were announced today at the 38th World Scout Conference in Korea.

1994 was the last time a UK Scout was elected to the World Scout Committee; former Chief Scout now Vice-President of The UK Scout Association, Sir Garth Morrison.

John May has been a Section Leader, an elected member of the Committee of the Council, International Commissioner, and a District Commissioner in Hackney.
For 2007's Centenary World Scout Jamboree, he was the Head of International Contingent Liaison. He was awarded the Bar to the Silver Acorn earlier this year.
Joining John on the committee for a six year term will be:

Mr. Eric Khoo Heng-Pheng of Malaysia
Mr. Wahid Labidi of Tunisia
Mr. John Neysmith of Canada
Mr. Oscar Palmquist of Brazil
Mr. Simon Rhee of Korea
Mr. William F. “Rick” Cronk of the USA will be joining the committee for a three year term.

Lord Baden-Powell, who endorsed John's candidacy, recently commented, 'Any world committee needs sensible people on them and John is certainly one of those.

'With John's help I am certain we will see a re-energized and refocused organization, that puts the needs of Scouts first, providing expert support and advice.’

The World Scout Committee is the chief executive body of the World Scout Conference and is composed of elected volunteers.

It represents World Scout Conference between the meetings of the full conference and is responsible for the implementation of the resolutions of the World Scout Conference and for acting on its behalf between its meetings.


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